When tragedy strikes: mcknight law firm’s truth, purpose and plan, to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health

When tragedy strikes, you and your family are injured and compromised on so many levels.   When you woke up on the morning of your tragedy, you had no idea you would never be able to walk again that afternoon; no idea your once fit body would be contorted and re-shaped; you can no longer make love to your spouse because of the pain and your mental state; your dreams of hiking mountains with your children, just ended.

You are thankful you survived the tragedy, but you now worry for the future, for your family’s security.   You can no longer do the work that occupied your mind and your body every day for the last 20 years; and you wonder what the future will hold.   You worry how you will maintain your dignity. You are now dependent on the generosity of friends, family, and government benefits to survive. You feel a sense of guilt and shame.

During the first couple of months since your injury, friends, coworkers and family members visited, showed love and concern, re-assured you.   As the months have passed, you have become more isolated, as people have families, jobs, and responsibilities, and are no longer calling as often; many long-time co-workers never call again.   Your world has suddenly changed. Your future is unknown, and you are scared, confused, anxious, and at times, clinically depressed.

And you are angry.   You are angry at the man who sat at the bar on that tragic Friday night for 6 hours, and had consumed so many alcohol shots, his blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit.   You are mad at the bartender for serving him. You feel anger towards the bar owners, for not being more responsible, not having the correct policies and procedures in place to prevent a customer from becoming so intoxicated and then drive.   You wonder how they let this man even leave the bar. Your mind is twisted, to the point your stomach hurts, your heart aches. You need physical, mental, and spiritual healing, to move forward in peace.

Our Truth, Purpose and Plan

Our fundamental, all encompassing, constant truth and purpose, is to ensure that you receive physical, mental and spiritual healing, and to secure the largest financial recovery we are able to, under the facts and circumstances of your case.  Our purpose drives our plan; and at all times, we want to stay true to our purpose and plan.

The first thing we do, along with your physicians, is to help you understand the scope of what you may experience medically, based on what we know about your injuries, and standard treatment protocols; then we make sure you get that medical care. If you need psychiatric care or psychological counseling, we want to guide you towards those services with compassion and empathy.    We don’t want you to define yourself in your home as the disabled person who needs sympathy, because we are sure you don’t want sympathy.   You want to get better, and lead a reasonably functional life with as little pain as possible. We want to help maximize your quality of life while you are alive; and set things up financially, so that you are not dependent on family members for a lifetime of care.

To accomplish this, we work as a team, with you and your family, but also with your physicians, and our own experts, such as vocational rehabilitation experts, life care planners and an economist, to ensure that the money you will receive will last a lifetime.

If we cannot reach a satisfactory settlement with the insurance company, we will file a lawsuit, conduct discovery, to determine why the incident occurred, and to tell your full story.    We are experienced litigation and trial attorneys, who take our most serious cases of catastrophic injury and death very seriously. In some very expensive, time consuming and complex matters, such as medical malpractice and products liability, we sometimes partner with top law firms in those specific areas to ensure you and your family are receiving the very best representation available in the State of South Carolina in a particular area of focus.

Let us know if we can help you.   It is our truth, our purpose, our plan, and our passion.   We want you and your family to feel that personal relationship, our love, our empathy, and our heartfelt concern; because with us, it is real.   You are more than a means to income to our firm. Our well being depends on the well being of you and your family. We are all in this together. We hope we can be part of your healing journey.