Automobile and Motorcycle Accidents in Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley Counties and throughout the State of South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina and surrounding area roadways have become more congested and dangerous to travel on in the last decade, with the huge influx of people moving here. Unfortunately, with all of this congestion and high-speed travel, especially on I-26, the 526 connector and other congested areas travelled by cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles as large as 18 wheelers, heading back and forth to our ports, it can dangerous to travel on our roadways. Distracted driving due to cell phone use multiplies that danger; as well as those who even with the availability of UBER and LYFT, continue to drive while intoxicated on alcohol and drugs. Being a good driver yourself, doesn’t always keep you and your family safe under these conditions. Bad things happen to good people and their families in automobile, trucking, and motorcycle accidents in Charleston and throughout South Carolina every day

Hit and Run Collisions

If you are injured in a hit and run collision in Charleston, try to get a license plate and description of the hit and run suspect’s vehicle. If you are unable to obtain descriptive information on the suspect’s car, then we will help you with what is called a “John Doe” hit and run claim, where we make a claim with your own insurance company’s uninsured motorist provision in your policy. By South Carolina Statute, every insured vehicle in South Carolina has a mandatory provision of $25,000.00 per person/$50,000.00 per accident/$25,000.00 property damage in uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. Many of us have much more in UM coverage, to match our levels of liability coverage. Such an insurance claim does not adversely affect your insurance rates, because it is not your fault, not an increased risk from your insurance carrier’s standpoint.

Collisions involving Drunk Drivers: “Dram Shop” Liability of Bars, Restaurants and Outdoor Festivals Selling Alcohol

It is illegal in South Carolina for a bar, restaurant or other group that is selling alcohol, to “overserve” a patron. When a person leaves an establishment drunk and injuries or kills another person, the establishment selling alcohol (or multiple establishments in the chain who served the person that day or night), can be held civilly liable for the harms and losses that are caused in the collision. Bars, restaurants, and festivals selling alcohol are required to have a minimum of $1,000,000,00 in liquor liability coverage for situations such as this. Letting highly intoxicated people leave an establishment is playing “Russian Roulette” with the lives of people on South Carolina roadways, but it happens every day and night in our state. The McKnight Law Firm is experienced in managing and litigating liquor liability claims arising from auto and truck collisions.

Serious, Permanent Injuries involving Future Medical Needs

Should your injuries from an automobile collision be serious, permanent injuries, involving future medical care, the McKnight Law Firm will work with your physicians, and likely employ a Certified Life Care Planning expert, who will meet with your doctors and document your future medical needs and the future medical care expenses you can reasonably expect to incur in the future.

Serious Disability and Loss of Earnings and Earning Capacity

It’s not unusual matters involving permanent, lifetime injuries in an auto collision or other incident, to undergo significant wage-earning loss while they are out of work. Many people are unable to return to their normal occupation, which can be devastating. In matters involving loss of earnings into the future, we employ an economist, who determines how much it will cost in present day dollars to compensate you and your family, for your lost earnings into the future, or the lost earnings of a loved one whose life was cut short due to the negligence of another person or corporation.

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