A “Mass Tort” occurs in when multiple people are injured due to negligence, dangerous products, dangerous drugs, devices, and other situations where lots of people suffer harms and losses, but the degree of harms and losses differs. (Example: People injured to various extents from drinking contaminated water at Camp Lejune; or a dangerous drug that hurts many people who take it, in varying degrees)

Class Action litigation occurs when lots of people have been harmed by the same source, but damages are identical, such as a consumer class action, when a large corporation engages in illegal activities that equally harm a lot of people. (Example: The airline ticket that illegally tacks on a $2.00 illegal fee)

The McKnight Law Firm partners with some of the top law firms in the United States on cases such as this, when we have a client who has suffered harms and losses from situations that give rise to mass tort actions and class actions.

The McKnight Law Firm will initially assess the situation, and then guide you and your family in the right direction, to ensure that only the most experienced and knowledgeable attorneys in the United States will be serving as lead counsel for you.

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