Nursing Home Negligence in Charleston area, and throughout the State of South Carolina

The aging population is larger than at any period in our history, and getting larger, as the baby boom generation ages. Our older, vulnerable loved ones are in need of safe, quality skilled nursing services more than ever. As a result, we have seen an increase in for profit facilities serving our vulnerable population.

While some of the most expensive nursing homes are luxurious and have quality care, these are unfortunately in the minority; and there are abusers and neglectful employees in even the best of facilities. The vast majority of nursing facilities cater to average people who use Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance to fund their care. Medicare reimbursements to these facilities is minimal, while the corporations running these facilities are operating with financial profit in mind.

As a result, some of the workers and management in nursing homes fail to care properly for their elderly patients; and often, the elderly find themselves unable to speak up to prevent injuries.

People who are fall risks are allowed to roam without assistance. Horrible bed sores develop if a patient lays in one position for too long. Deep wounds develop, requiring specialized wound care; and sometimes, limb amputation. These and other situations can be prevented if nursing facilities would abide by patient safety rules and the medical standards of care; but unfortunately, there are failings, where institutions are more concerned with profit than patient safety.

Sexual abuse and other intentional physical and mental abuse of the elderly in nursing facilities is all too common. The McKnight Law Firm is ready, willing and able to assist you and your family in determining whether nursing home negligence has resulted in serious injury or wrongful death of a loved one.

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