Bicycle & Automobile Collisions

Injuries to pedestrians and to cyclists are unfortunately common in congested cities such as Charleston, where the highways and secondary roads are not always designed for pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Bicycles legally share the road with cars and trucks. A cyclist is supposed to stay as far to the right of a roadway and use proper lighting in low light situations, to allow drivers to see the cyclist. Cyclists are also bound to obey traffic signs and signals, just like cars and trucks.

However, the best, most law-abiding cyclists and pedestrians are struck every day in Charleston and throughout the State of South Carolina, by automobiles and trucks. It could be due to inattention from texting while driving, an intoxicated driver, or just common inattentive driving. When cars and trucks hit pedestrians and cyclists, it usually results in serious injuries or death. 

Jody McKnight was an avid cyclist for many years.   He understands the rules of the road when it comes to cycling and pedestrians. The McKnight Law Firm is an annual supporter of the non-profit organization, Charleston Moves, an advocacy group for cyclists and pedestrians in Charleston and throughout the State of South Carolina. We encourage you to go and give them your volunteer and/or financial support, as they work to make our South Carolina Roadways more safe for pedestrians and cyclists. 

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