Where There are Boats, There are Accidents Involving Injury and Death

Charleston and the many inland lakes of South Carolina are boating communities. The McKnight Law Firm represents persons seriously injured, and families, in wrongful death claims, arising from boat and personal watercraft accidents. Attorney Jody McKnight is a native Charlestonian and is very experienced in operating marine craft in the navigable waters surrounding Charleston and adjacent coastal communities. He has an in depth understanding of marine vessels and brings this to the table when representing persons who have been injured in the marine environment.

The skill levels of persons operating marine vessels differs greatly. People with no boating experience move to Charleston, and naturally, want to take part in the maritime fun that Charleston affords. Inexperienced boat operators running at night, relying heavily on navigation devices pose a particular hazard to boat operators and their passengers. Propellers can sever the limbs and rip open the torsos of swimmers. Boats collide. Boats slam into docks in daytime and at night. Injuries are often severe; and people die every year in marine related accidents in Charleston.

Literally, the boating environment is an ever changing environment, affected by tides, currents and human activities. The opportunities for serious accidents on boats are greater than most other activities.

Unfortunately, alcohol and boating tend to go hand in hand. Boating Under the Influence (BUI) is a serious problem. People start early with alcohol filled coolers. By day’s end, with dehydration from the sun and heat, combined with alcohol, a boat operator’s judgment and boat operating skills can be seriously compromised. Local waterfront bars and restaurants often serve already intoxicated boat operators. It is a problem in Charleston, like other coastal communities.

Just as in other contexts, Certified Marine Accident Reconstruction experts are employed in appropriate cases to evaluate, document, and render opinions on what caused the accident and the extent of rule violations and negligence that has occurred by one or more parties.

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