Personal injury and wrongful death claims: when do you need to hire a lawyer?

Following a significant personal injury or death of a loved one, it is important to consult with a well-seasoned, experienced law firm such as the McKnight Law Firm.   There is no fee for a thorough consultation and evaluation of issues of liability and damages.    When you hire with the McKnight Law Firm, the law firm funds all case expenses associated with the matter, and there are no fees paid to the law firm until the case resolves, either through settlement or trial.   Insurance companies and their adjusters are in the business of minimizing payments to victims who have suffered serious personal injuries or death.

A boutique law firm to focus on you

The McKnight Law Firm is a boutique law firm with a laser focus on your case.   We are not a high-volume law firm.   You will have direct access to the attorney and paralegal handling your case.   We are more than capable of evaluating the most complex situations that arise out of roadway collisions involving all types of vehicles, as well as collisions involving pedestrians and bicycles, and boating injuries.    The McKnight Law Firm also evaluates and manages cases involving injuries on various types of properties; injuries arising from the use of dangerous products; nursing home negligence; medical malpractice; and other complex wrongful death and serious injury matters.

Never represent yourself

Never attempt to evaluate and handle a serious injury or wrongful death case by yourself.    Always hire a law firm with attorneys with a track record of litigation and jury trial experience, such as the McKnight Law Firm, as the insurance companies are aware of which firms have a track record of success in litigation and trial on behalf of the person who has suffered serious injuries or the loss of a loved one in a wrongful death situation.    Hiring the right law firm is essential to you and your family’s stability, safety, and peace of mind.