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Drug and Medical Device Litigation

Working for you, not insurance companies


If you or a loved one have received drugs that have caused health issues or have had problems with medical devices that are part of nation-wide recalls or legal action, you may need to seek legal representation. Beware of 1-800 television commercials inviting you to call about recalled drugs or complications as a result of medical procedures.


Call the McKnight Law Firm first, and speak directly with attorney Jody McKnight regarding harms and losses you or a family member may have suffered due to a dangerous or defective drug or medical device.


The McKnight Law Firm works as co-counsel with other law firms who engage in national drug or medical device mass-tort and class action litigation.


Class action knowledge and support

Attorney Jody McKnight works with people who have been harmed by dangerous drugs which have been recalled.


We stay abreast of the latest of developments in class action drug and medical device litigation, and know which national law firms are best suited for the particular dangerous drug or medical device involved in your case.

We work as a team on the case, as co-counsel, to share resources and knowledge, ensuring you receive only the most effective legal representation in this complex area of the law.


Helping clients during drug or medical device litigation

The McKnight Law Firm will conduct the initial interview, then conduct additional research on the drug or medical device involved. We then find the appropriate law firm, who is involved in national, multi-district litigation concerning the drug or medical device, and let that firm assist us with additional evaluation; and if appropriate, litigation and trial.


The McKnight Law Firm will guide you and your family in the right direction, to ensure that only the most experienced and knowledgeable attorneys in the United States will be prosecuting your case.

Contact us to discuss your situation.