Basics of what workers are entitled to after an injury at work

The South Carolina Workers Compensation Act governs what workers are entitled to following an injury at work. When a worker who works for an employer that employs 4 or more employees, and has been injured and is out of work for more than 14 consecutive days, he or she is entitled to Temporary Total Disability Benefits (66.6 percent of worker’s average weekly wage). The employer and its insurance carrier must pay for related medical expenses to get the worker better and back to work. If the worker has a permanent injury, the worker is entitled to “indemnity” payments that are based on the worker’s level of disability that resulted from the work injury. The worker’s level of disability depends on the educational background, occupational history, nature of injury and restrictions, and whether the worker can return to the same job; and whether work within the ability of the worker is available in the worker’s community.