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Trial Advocacy and Education

The McKnight Law Firm is dedicated to working with other attorneys, jury consultants, trial presentation consultants, medical artists and other litigation and trial professionals to stay abreast of the demographic trends,  jury verdict data, expert witness databases, and courtroom presentation technology.

Tools for Litigators

Members of the McKnight Law Firm Co-Counsel Network and other approved Members may access various educational materials and document templates, including scholarly articles, opening statements, closing arguments, jury instructions, and other information and documents that may enhance the attorney’s litigation and trial skills and experience

Charleston Art of Trial Advocacy Workshop

Attorney Jody McKnight founded the Charleston Art of Trial Advocacy Workshop in 2001, a monthly meeting of trial attorneys, for networking  and trial strategy exchange.

Mr. McKnight has published educational articles for other attorneys, speaks and consults:

  • South Carolina Association for Justice Bulletin
  • Southern Trial Lawyers Association magazine
  • He regularly speaks on matters pertaining to litigation and  trial advocacy.
  • The McKnight Law Firm generously shares its resources and knowledge base with Co-Counsel Network Members and other trusted and respected attorneys and law firms.

As a professional courtesy, Mr. McKnight will speak personally and advise any attorney desiring assistance with communication or other trial matters.

By empowering others, the McKnight Law Firm gains strength.